Used Book - The Dictionary of Imaginary Places (PB)

by Alberto Manguel (Author), Gianni Guadalupi (Author)

Paperback, Used-Good

This Baedeker of make-believe takes readers on a tour of more than 1,200 realms invented by storytellers from Homer's day to our own. Here you will find Shangri-La and El Dorado, Utopia and Middle Earth, Wonderland and Freedonia.

Here too are Jurassic Park, Salman Rushdie's Sea of Stories, and the fabulous world of Harry Potter. The history and behavior of the inhabitants of these lands are described in loving detail and are supplemented by more than 200 maps and illustrations that depict the lay of the land in a host of elsewheres.

A must-have for the library of every dedicated reader, fantasy fan, or passionate browser, Dictionary is a witty and acute guide for any armchair traveler's journey into the landscape of the imagination.

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